Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Well, today I found out the cast has to stay on until next Monday, thankfully! Hopefully I'll heal faster with it on!

Today I didn't get much accomplished in the sewing department. Had to do running for my thumb and then got a wonderful nap in this afternoon with CW. He and I were both pretty crabby. Then I woke up with a migrane that has lessened enough for me to start working on my bodice for my green polka dotty work dress!

Jenny, Amanda and I are involved in our little "sewing challenge" that we started a few weeks ago and we're only a few weeks in and I'm falling behind. Hoping this little bit I get done while CW is asleep will get me back in the runnin!!

Tomorrow I get to start back at work again! we'll see how I feel, see if I can make a full day or not. It's always a toss up! I work for M-C Industries in town here. We sew a lot of the leather accessories for Harley Davidson and a few things for the US Army. Luckily, I'm on one of the Army lines that has some simple jobs I can do one handed!

Well, I'm off to get a little work on this bodice going and get this posted before the storm cuts out my internet! Just heard it thunder again... I'm afraid that I won't be getting a workout in tonight. I hate taking CW out while it's raining. He doesn't mind the storms, but I do! I get a lil nervous when they start up. But that's what I get for living in Iowa! :)

I'll try and get a few photos posted up here of my projects that I've done and am working on. Please keep in mind that I've only been sewing my own reenactment clothes since October last year, and had only a small amount of experience before that! I'm polishing my skills and learning more everyday! G'Nite All!!

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  1. Hey my bodice is still the same point it was on Tuesday when I left it to go pick up Peter, so don't feel bad. I am going to finish it tomorrow if it kills me! Good luck with yours!