Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another week

Another week has come and gone, and unfortunately I haven't gotten any pictures to post... my internet doesnt like me very much. :( And now, I finally have my loverly cast off!! Just got cut off yesterday and did some more xrays and found out I have 2 fractures instead of just the one. No wonder I've been having so much pain!!

But on the downside of things, I still haven't gotten the bodice of my workdress finished. now that I can get a little work out of my hand I plan on getting a few things going! This weekend CW is going to his dad's so I'll have plenty of time to spread my projects all over the apartment! Hoping to get the bodice and my work petticoat finished before Father's Day weekend. CW and I are traveling to Blanchardville for a living history! This will be one of the few main events he will get to go to this year because most of the weekends fall when he will be with his dad.

Now, I'm off to put the munchkin to bed so I can do a lil bit of sleep so hopefully *fingers crossed* I can make a full 10 hours at work tomorrow!!

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