Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our first year reenacting

My first year of civil war reenacting was made possible by a dear friend of mine that helped me out greatly by finding clothes for my then 18 month old son and lending me items that would help me look period correct. And the greatest gift she gave me was the knowledge of how to make my own items and where to start my research to expand my knowledge on my own.

Tonight as I was doing some web surfing about different types of clothing for my now 3yr old, I stumbled upon a blog that had pictures of a child in dresses that seemed very similar to the first dresses my son started in. I sent my friend a message and found out these were the same exact clothes! How random!! My favorite discoveries seem to be that way! I left a post on this gal's blog telling her that I would post some pictures of my boy on her for her to see. Hope they are enjoyed!

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  1. I am Sarah from the Romantic History clothing blog and yes, how funny how t hings work out! I am thrilled beyond words to see your handsome little man getting use out of the little dresses my boys wore. That is wonderful! I love the second photo of him with the wood. . .so adorable!