Friday, January 14, 2011

My newest Project!

Once again I have drifted away from the world of blogging, and I apologize!! Ive been super busy with working at Cabela's for the past few months and as of December 28th, I am done there!!

I was out and about on Dec 23rd with my son and we stopped by the local pet store to purchase some crickets for my lepard gecko, Lizzy. I was talking to my son about the different animals and fishies that the owner had for sale when he himself asked me how I knew so much about all of them and I informed him that I had previously worked at Petsmart in Waterloo, Ia, for four years. We talked for a few more minutes when he asked me if I had ever thought about grooming dogs. After a short discussion, I told him I'd think about it over the weekend and get back to him the following Monday.

After talking awhile with a grooming friend that weelendI decided to take the job! I've only had a few dogs so far but I must say, I do believe I'm doing fairly well!!

My next step was to start getting tools gathered, which the owner was sweet enough to supply most the things I would need to get started.

My latest project was a box to store and dispense ribbon from! I've included pictures of the project and the way I make my ribbons and how I put them in the dogs hair with help of my son's fuzzy teddy bear!

t was a great project! All the materials (except for the ribbon) was stuff that I had laying around the house. The box was one that I had used at Cabela's to warehouse to store my daily tools in.
The fabric I had purchased at Walmart a few months ago and had used a lot of it to
make a set of curtains for my sewing room.
The rods that I used to put the ribbon on were actually, at one point, part of a stand up lamp that my boyfriend had that was in pieces. It was a fairly easy project that only took me about 3 hours. The part that took the longest was waiting for the glue to dry! I started with fabric glue and used it on all the parts of the box that wouldn't show, but soon found out that it would take a lot more glue than I had anticipated!! At that point I started using Elmer's glue. This project was all about what I had already in our home because it was just going to be a rough draft.
I finally used my ribbon today on a gorgeous little Shih Tzu named Ella that was a dream to groom!! She was a perfect angel and her daddy absolutely loved the look of her!! Unfortunately, since I don't have to pet parent's permission, I won't be posting pictures of the pups on here. But on a happier note, I've got lots of work to do on my Civilian dresses so I hope to keep up with this blog and keep everyone up to date on how my endevors are coming!!

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