Friday, August 20, 2010

A long time gone

Hello all!! I'm sorry i've been missing for so long! I've been having internet issues and have finally gotten on line for a few minutes!! I'm just leaving a few little updates on here for tonight. Hopefully once all of this is taken care of I'll get some pictures up and keep the updates coming!

My hand is back to normal!! I'm able to sew like a wild woman now!! I have also left my job for a new, higher paying job at Cabela's. I'm very excited even though it's seasonal work for now. The bonus side is that they higher on after the peak season if things go well.... AND!!! They have a sewing department that I might be able to squeeze my way into!

I finally finished my very first work dress 100% by myself!! :) My dear friend sent me e-mails of the pattern but unfortunately my computer and printer weren't playing nice together so I used a dress that she had made years ago and designed a dress for myself :) I'm so proud!!

Well, I must be going for the night! It is well past my bed time and soon I'll be turning into a pumpkin if I dont turn in soon!! Good night and hope the weekend finds you all well!!

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